What does your team look like? This example is of a simple and basic team with it’s offense and defense lined out. Notice that there are still opportunities on both team’s. This leaves you vulnerable in some areas and missing opportunities in others. To find out more, purchase the book or get in contact with Steve to be your financial coach.

As seen above, different aspects of financial planning make up your financial team. You are the quarterback. Does your team have a strong offense? You need a checking account as your center to start off, but most people already have that. What about stocks, exchange traded funds or a certificate of deposit? These will all help you make money or invest your money in a beneficial way.

What about your defense? Does your team have a reliable defense? A financial defense is anything that will protect you from the blitz plays that life sends your way. These include ideas such as Health insurance, auto insurance, or home owners insurance. Pick your team carefully; this is not a game that you want to lose.

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