“Steven C. Roberts has done an excellent job of putting together a topic most people do not want to talk about (financial planning), with one most people want to talk about (football). The metaphors used in this book will help many to understand the players they already have, enlighten them on the ones they need, and help them understand the importance of having a game plan.”

— Brian Cornelison, CPA

“One of the things I teach people is that only those who see the invisible can achieve the impossible. Not only does Steven C. Roberts teach us about Football and Finance, but he inspires us to think about what it is we want not only in accomplishing our financial goals, but what it is we want to accomplish in life. Many times planning for our financial future seems invisible and impossible, but by reading this book, Steve helps us break down the players and philosophies we need to be financially successful.”

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

“Great book and easy read! This book takes otherwise often confusing, yet important financial topics, and breaks them down into something we can all understand. Enjoy the book and ‘complete your pass’ to achieving your financial goals.”

— Barb Ernst, ChFC, CLU

“As an accomplished and successful financial planner, Steven C. Roberts has truly hit a home run here, or I should say scored a touchdown! Using metaphors is a brilliant method of teaching and learning, and it works. Between the covers of this book are the essence and backbone basics of understanding how money truly works for the investor. Readers will definitely find this creative format informative and comprehensive. You will also find yourself more confident in your own ‘game’ of wealth accumulation.”

— Brady Scott, President, Granite Financial Management Co. Inc.

“I have worked in financial services for over thirty years. The intangible concept of protection and risk management is very foreign to most people. However, most people do understand to some degree the thrills and spills associated with the game of football. Handling our personal finance is not a game but a very serious sequence of life choices. Learn how comparing decisions in our financial life can be compared to the risks taken in football. We all want to score the touchdowns and have the success that will provide for those we love. With you as the team owner/quarterback, you can make better decisions once you have understood the Steve Roberts’ concept of “football financial planning.”

— Rick Olson, CLU, Insurance Agent

“Football Financial Planning is a fun, metaphorical way to help any football fan develop a deeper understanding of financial planning. Football is a team sport that requires discipline and planning, which is perfectly in line with financial planning and exactly what is taught throughout this book. Football has quickly become America’s favorite sport, and the easy to read and understand principles demonstrated within will instill solid and time tested financial concepts that will lead to success. Steve has done a marvelous job of bringing to life an entertaining process of learning for all readers.”

— Nate Blanchard, Insurance Agency Owner, Former VP of International Sales for a billion dollar Direct Sales Company

“I believe this book will have a positive impact for those who read it because it approaches financial planning with a holistic view and a fun dose of football, thereby making it a very interesting read for people who may not otherwise have any interest in financial planning.”

— Bryce C. Lloyd, Attorney at Law

“Steven C. Roberts’ background in financial services and football makes this book one of the most interesting reads you will find. While insurance is a rather boring topic, the comparison of the game of football helps everyone to understand better the need for risk management. Do yourself a favor by spending time with the idea of your team having the best defense and offense in your personal world of finance!”

— Doug Hammond, Insurance Agent

“What a great educational tool. This book will educate the football fan on finance, and the finance fan on football. It’s a win-win.”

— George “Judd” Lavender, Personal Financial Representative

“Steve Roberts takes what may be intimidating financial concepts for some people and uses familiar football metaphors to take the mystery out of investing and retirement planning. Suddenly, what may be the most important task of your life—preparing for your future—becomes fun, and Steve gives us the confidence that we can be winners at it as well.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and Arthur’s Legacy

“With so many football fans around, this book is a must read for you, your clients, and potential clients. It speaks the language of the football fan, and it breaks down insurance and other financial products into terms people can relate to and understand.”

— Richard Ward, Insurance Agent

“Having been in the financial services industry for ten years, I truly appreciate the simplicity that Steven C. Roberts has done correlating the complexity of financial services to football! Most of us who love the sport appreciate the value of having a solid offense, defense, and special team group. Similarly, with our financial goals in life, it is extremely important to understand what “players” we need in our own financial planning. Each ‘player’ has an important role to play for us to accomplish the goals we have set. This book is a great read!”

— Nathan Rydalch, FSS, Life Insurance Broker, Former UNLV Rebels Football

“My husband had me read Football Financial Planning. After doing so, I have a greater appreciation for football and finances. Now I like to tease him while we are watching football about our insurance policies tackling mutual funds.”

— Shani Dupree, Homemaker

“I love football, and this book has helped me understand what I need and what I don’t need, to protect me from the blows of life. I thought it was fun to write down what my financial team looks like. As the quarterback of my financial success, I now feel more prepared to draft the necessary players and to seek advice from the proper coaches.”

— Jared Woodruff, Spencer’s Fantasy Football league 2013 Champion

What a great book. For me it not only simplified financial products, but it simplified football, and now I have a better understanding of both.”

—Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth

Steve’s book does a great job of making complex financial concepts as easy to understand as football on a Saturday afternoon. His connections between football and finances are excellent for demystifying insurance concepts. When clients understand insurance as a defensive strategy designed to counter immediate threats (line of scrimmage) and down field threats (end zone), they get it. As an agency owner, coaching clients with winning game plans is what it’s all about.”

— Don Bates, Insurance Agency Owner