The world of finance, with all its products and terms, can be confusing and intimidating. With so many options and complications, procrastination and wrong decisions are too often the result. In Football Financial Planning, Steven C. Roberts brilliantly uses football as a metaphor to help you understand the players (products) that will help you put a winning game plan together.

Readers will learn:3D-mock-up-soft-cover-transparent

  • Which financial products are essential to a strong defense
  • How to pick the right players for your financial team
  • Which types of insurance are best for your situation
  • Investing strategies and winning philosophies
  • The pluses and minuses of stocks, mutual funds, and annuities
  • Why Steve calls the wide receiver the greatest player of all time

Just as football is America’s favorite sport, Football Financial Planning is destined to become America’s favorite “go to” book when it comes to creating financial strategies. Whether you love the game, or you just want your retirement nest egg to last, this book will lead you to victory!

Chapter Preview

Now let’s talk about some offense. We’ll begin with the
offensive line. In fact, I’m going to mention some Hall of
Fame players here who played the next position we are going
to talk about: George Trafton, Clyde “Bulldog” Turner,
Dwight Stevenson, Jim Otto, Mike Webster, and Mel Hein.
In fact, Mel Hein was the NFL MVP in 1938. How many
of you know what position these players played? It is center.
Can you imagine a center being named the MVP these

The center may be one of the least known players on a
team, yet his position is critical to the game. As a coach of
youth football, I know nothing is more frustrating than to
have a fumble or bad snap from your center to the quarterback.
When this happens, it is a wasted down, and each
down counts. My guess is any coach at any level from youth
football to the NFL will tell you the same thing. So who is
our center in football financial planning? It is your checking

Just as being the center in football is not a glamorous role,
so a checking account is nothing to get excited about when
talking finance, yet just as a center is critical in football, so
a checking account is critical in football financial planning.
Most people have their checks deposited into a checking
account, and then from there, money flows to you, other
players, or to bills that need to be paid. In fact, just as a
center usually makes line calls (blocking assignments), our
center in football financial planning is valuable in paying
our bills. It makes record keeping easier, and it allows bills
to be paid out of one location.

The money you spend on a center should be minimal or
nothing at all. Many banks and credit unions offer free
checking accounts. They may, however, require a direct
deposit from your employer to qualify for a free checking
account. Many of these free checking accounts will limit
the number of checks you can write before they charge you
a fee per check. Other checking accounts waive fees if you
maintain a certain balance. Look at your personal situation
to find the center that’s right for you. If you write a lot of
checks each month, it may be cheaper and wiser in the long
run to pay a fee each month versus the charge per check
the bank or credit union may charge you over the free limit.
Plus, many banks and credit unions that charge a fee
will give you services that a free checking account may not,
such as free checks, interest on your money, etc.

Our center also provides a debit card that works like a
credit card. Meaning wherever credit cards are accepted,
you can use your debit card to make purchases, as long as
the merchant accepts your type of card (the same logo).
In fact, most businesses will not accept checks anymore,
only debit or credit cards. When you use your debit card,
the money comes directly out of your checking account; it’s
like paying with a check. When you need to provide a credit
card for such things as a hotel reservation or car rental, a
debit card works in the same way.

Some of the abilities you want to look for in your center are:
how easy is it to do business with the bank or credit union,
does the bank or credit union provide online bill pay, and
can you transfer money to other players (accounts) easily?
Because checking accounts are with banks and credit
unions, look to see what the bank or credit union’s other
players look like. Will those other players help to complete
your offensive line, or your defense, or even your whole

What does your center, checking account, look like?

Average Balance: $ ____________________
Debit Card: $____________________
Fees: $____________________
Coach: ____________________
Coach’s Phone Number: ____________________
Coach’s Email: ____________________
Bank or Credit Union: ____________________
Salary Allocation: ____________________
(avg. deposit amount): ____________________